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The Business Is Never About You!

I was chatting with a member of my management team in the hallway the other day and something she said really stuck in my head. We were talking about the organizational performance turn around that we were in the midst of and she said, “You’ve really added simplicity and definition to what we need to . . . → Read More: The Business Is Never About You!

The Consultant’s Mindset

Working for a large company makes it very easy to get comfortable. You wake up and go to the same office, work with the same people, and do relatively similar things consistently. It’s easy to get lulled into the pattern. In Silicon Valley, that pattern became a lifestyle. The internet bubble has passed and those . . . → Read More: The Consultant’s Mindset

Meetings – Planning Sessions or Productivity Killers?

I marvel at some of the meetings I sit through during the workday. Someone calls a meeting about a subject or project that I’m interested so I accept. Attendees gather in a conference room and chit chat while a presenter futzes to set up a projector in the first 5 minutes of the scheduled time . . . → Read More: Meetings – Planning Sessions or Productivity Killers?

Do You Have the Right People?

What happens if you don’t have the right people? The value of the organization isn’t met and the reputation of the function is poor. I’ve seen many organizations in large and medium sized companies that are viewed as “retirement jobs.” What happens is that either the deliverables and goals are not well defined or the . . . → Read More: Do You Have the Right People?