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Why do we do it that way? The challange of Accountability

Companies require accountability to operate and grow. It’s easy to have accountability when you’re a start up or a small company when everyone has a lot to do and productivity is incredibly visible. When companies are small, employees work to support one another and title means much less than it does when you get larger. . . . → Read More: Why do we do it that way? The challange of Accountability

When Businesses are too clever for their own good

Resourcefulness is a universally valued quality. We hire people who can “get things done” and reward them based upon their results. An Indian friend shared with me a wonderful Hindi word, jugaad (the “d” sounds like a soft “r”), which takes our western view of innovation to a new level. A couple of the more . . . → Read More: When Businesses are too clever for their own good

“I” and “Me” vs. “Us” and “We” Leadership

When I first started managing people someone told me to shift from the pronouns “I” and “Me” and start focusing on “Us” and “We”. Words that we use often define the way we think and the subsequent approaches that we take to solving problems. The only reason that leaders and managers exist is because there . . . → Read More: “I” and “Me” vs. “Us” and “We” Leadership

The Plural of Anecdote is Not Data

The most common corporate buzzwords that I’ve been hearing over the last year are “transformation and “disrupt”. Companies are focusing on how to create a competitive advantage in this tough economic downturn. Markets have been shrinking during this 22 month recession and any advantage must come from focusing on business infrastructure in the reduction of . . . → Read More: The Plural of Anecdote is Not Data

Death By PowerPoint

We’ve all sat through long presentations that left us wondering how to get that fraction of our lives back. You know, those “FYI” presentations that are often more self aggrandizing than informative. During this economic downturn, I have seen an increased number of internal company business communications that have made me wonder who the target . . . → Read More: Death By PowerPoint

Does PowerPoint inhibit decision making?

I chuckled when I read “Speaking Truth to PowerPoint” in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Business has grown to rely heavily on PowerPoint as a primary communications medium. Unfortunately, details are lost because the nature of presentation slides is summarization. I depth business planning requires a format that is conducive to thoughtful detail. I . . . → Read More: Does PowerPoint inhibit decision making?

Pecha Kucha on Summer Vacation

I was invited to a pot luck dinner with other industry leaders and the host organized a very clever group activity that was a lot of fun. The invitation said that we would each be doing a modified and shortened Pecha Kucha that will consist of 2 to 4 slides with a couple of things . . . → Read More: Pecha Kucha on Summer Vacation

Hiring During a Talent Glut

The economic downturn drags on and the job market has gotten tough. There is a lot of speculation that the economy is at or near a bottom of this slump but how long will we stay there until recovery begins? Companies continue to let very talented people go as they hunker down against slower sales. . . . → Read More: Hiring During a Talent Glut

Managing in an Environment of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD)

It’s the spring of 2009 and the economy is in the dumper. The average American family’s wealth has dropped by 18% and California’s unemployment rate has topped 10%. Just about everyone in Silicon Valley knows someone who has been laid off from, what were once, promising economic high flying companies and employees are feeling insecure . . . → Read More: Managing in an Environment of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD)

Paternal Leadership

I’ve known many leaders that are extremely protective of their staff. You know, those managers who people go to when they’re struggling with problems or have gotten themselves in trouble. These “paternal” leaders often provide answers and approaches to problems that are clear an easy to follow. The loyal follower just goes off and executes . . . → Read More: Paternal Leadership