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New Year’s Resolutions; What are you doing for yourself?

This has been a tough year for everyone.  The real estate market collapsed, the consumer credit bubble popped, commercial credit is mostly unavailable, and most of us know someone who has been laid off.  My personal situation has been an attempt to really finalize an organizational turn around to align with the company’s direction and to closely examine budgets to create various “what if” plans that will allow the organization and the company to weather current market tides.  It has been a flurry of activity and a constant barrage of changing situations.   In difficult times, like these, it is easy to become distracted from important goals and merely react to situations.  I’ve taken a few weeks off and realized that this reflection is paramount to the ability to lead.  My new year’s resolution will be to find ways to ensure that I keep goals firmly in mind with every decision and that I manage my time in relation to my primary goals.

Faithful readers of this blog will have noticed that for the last 6 months there have been fewer entries than in the past.  This is because I have not given myself the opportunity to reflect on what is important and taken advantage of blogging to put things into perspective.  My goal for blogging was to formally think through situations that I’ve encountered and to try to get feedback from folks in the business world.  I’ve written about the importance of journalling and blogging, but not as ends unto themselves.  They are vehicles to force oneself to slow down and critically examine various topics.  This allows for more sober decisions.

I am going to also try another vehicle to maintain focus on business goals.  I am writing out formal short, medium, and long term business goals and reviewing them every work morning.  In such confusing economic times, laser focus is going to be what allows for stability and growth.  When troubling decisions arise, I will review these goals and ask myself, “which goal will this decision move forward?”.

This coming New Year should be approached gingerly.  What are you going to accomplish in your business?  How are you going to ensure profitability?  How are you going to discover new areas of growth?  What exactly are you going to do to grow your skills.  This is a good time and a good year to focus on these questions.  Real success often comes in the wake of difficult times.  Plant the seeds for yourself now.

1 comment to New Year’s Resolutions; What are you doing for yourself?

  • Jashoda

    so true, my goal is to ask “why” more often so we are making the best decision for our customers w/ the limited resources we have available.

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