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The Business Is Never About You!

I was chatting with a member of my management team in the hallway the other day and something she said really stuck in my head. We were talking about the organizational performance turn around that we were in the midst of and she said, “You’ve really added simplicity and definition to what we need to . . . → Read More: The Business Is Never About You!

The Consultant’s Mindset

Working for a large company makes it very easy to get comfortable. You wake up and go to the same office, work with the same people, and do relatively similar things consistently. It’s easy to get lulled into the pattern. In Silicon Valley, that pattern became a lifestyle. The internet bubble has passed and those . . . → Read More: The Consultant’s Mindset

What Can the Restaurant Business Teach Me?!?

I’m attending a conference in a couple of weeks where Danny Meyer, author of the best selling book “Setting the Table”, will be speaking about his business philosophy. The conference organizers strongly recommend that we read his book. My initial reaction was an internal groan when I thought about how much trouble I have struggling . . . → Read More: What Can the Restaurant Business Teach Me?!?

Brainstorming – Not Just Lost Time

Brainstorming exercises are some of the most creative and productive activities. We use them for strategic planning, problem solving, and career planning. So why does brainstorming have such a poor reputation? Too often they become awkward and uncomfortable. They can be confusing discussions with undefined goals or dominated by one or two individuals with strong . . . → Read More: Brainstorming – Not Just Lost Time