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Living In a “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” Culture

Anyone working in a large company recognizes that cultural frictions occur between organizations. Symptoms of organizational friction can be regular escalations and rumors that create “fear, uncertainty, and doubt”. These symptoms all have common causes: conflicting measurements, different values, or unclear deliverables. Unless values, measurements, and deliverables are aligned, conflict will become increasingly acrimonious. These . . . → Read More: Living In a “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” Culture

Working on the business, not in it

I just finished working with other leaders on the coming fiscal year initiatives. As I worked through the identification of our future efforts it occurred to me that some of my peers were caught by surprise by this planning exercise. Some were prepared with specific needs of their organizations because of well defined goals and . . . → Read More: Working on the business, not in it

Data and Processes Don’t Make Your Decisions For You

Business decisions are, by their nature, subjective. Oh, we analyze data to understand exceptions and develop processes to ensure consistency; but, these are only aids to understand and limit risk. It’s interesting to observe so much effort around data analysis and process development, in an attempt to cover all bases. In the end, we have . . . → Read More: Data and Processes Don’t Make Your Decisions For You

Crisis Junkies

I am amazed to watch people who love a crisis. Oh, I don’t mean those that love critical situations and the immediate effect decisions have. I’m talking about fire fighters, ready to whisk into action, stomping out the figurative flames, with a can of petrol and a book of matches behind their backs. I refer . . . → Read More: Crisis Junkies